About us


About A. S. Foundation: 

A. S. Foundation is one of the largest knowledge aggregators of professional courses in India and we specialize in classroom training for students who are seeking careers in the financial stream.  We are the pioneer of creating and distributing video tutorials in pen drives among students. Taking that concept forward A.S. Foundation has decided to enter the digital space and make knowledge available to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

About VKNOW: 

In today’s highly competitive world, digitalization in education is the need of the hour and we at VKNOW strive to cater to this need.
A.S Foundations’ VKNOW wishes to become the best digital education aggregator, catering to anyone who wishes to seek knowledge. With lectures delivered through the digital medium by high-level experts from various fields, we help students reach their optimum potential and be successful.
We at VKNOW believe that learning should not be restricted within the boundaries of a classroom and that learning can be imparted through any medium, and hence our video lectures aim at attaining customers’ suitability and accessibility.
We pride ourselves for our expertise in the domain, assurance of quality and the ability to provide education without restricting to any specific medium.
By offering a platform for hassle-free education to the students we aim at achieving the ‘Victory of Knowledge’.

Brand Vision

To make knowledge globally accessible.
To eliminate boundaries while imparting knowledge globally.

Brand Mission

To help the students reach their optimum potential with courses delivered by highly expert faculties, which are easily accessible anytime, anywhere.